Strategy of development

       Customers living in over 37 regions of Russia, including customers abroad - in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia and Tanzania are familiar with our production.
        For several years the trademark "Humimax" has started associating steadily with a high productivity of agricultural crops and profitability of their production among our partners in agro business. Recently the peat - humic product "Humimax" has been used in Russia on the territory over 3 million hectares. Our customers have appreciated highly the technological effectiveness, quality and effectiveness of the product.
        Further step in the development of the company is expanding the coverage on international markets. Lately "Humimax" has undergone the procedure of application for registration in a number of foreign countries.
        Partners from Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tadzhikistan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan and other countries are among the customers of our production.
       The company takes active measures in relation to the promotion of "Humimax" to such countries as Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iran, China, Columbia, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Japan.
        We are not going to rest upon the achieved. We are inclined to consider our present success as a launching platform for the realization of our perspective plans.
        Our main purposes are the quality of production, constant perfection of the assortment and satisfaction of the customers' wishes.
        We think that in order to solve them it is necessary to combine contemporary knowledge and technologies with the best traditions and experience accumulated in the sphere of manufacture of humic products.