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     Our company presents to our partners a peat-humic product "Humimax", which is in demand among Russian farmers in relation to cultivation of wheat, leguminous, technical and vegetable crops. Usage of an exclusive technology of production makes it possible to produce an ecologically clean, easily producible, highly effective product, which by its qualities and increase in yield exceeds all other humic products.
     Saturation by humic acids, macro and microelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, barium, silicon, etc), various amino acids (including irreplaceable ones - leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, threonine, amino isovaleric acid, lysine, methionine), enzymes and other biologically active substances manifests itself in activation of processes of plants' growth and development.
     Its application intensifies many times the growth and development of the plants assemblage of rootlets; immunoresistance of plants to diseases and stress-inducing factors of the environment (increase and decrease in temperature, soil pickling, etc) is raised. The product heightens fixation of nutrients from soil and used mineral fertilizers.
     In bowl mixtures with modern pesticides for presowing treatment of seeds and vegetans crops the product decreases their negative influence on cultivated plants. The content of nitrates, radionuclides, salt of heavy metal is decreased in the received products.
     The product has taken its place firmly in the technologies of cultivation of all kinds of agricultural crops, as a result, a total area of its application in Russia exceeds 3,0 millions of Hectares, abroad - more than 1.5 millions of Hectares. The product ensures a true increase in yield by 14-26% in relation to wheat crop, together with this, qualitative characteristics (content of protein, gluten, fat, vitamins) of the received production are improved.
     Increase in yield of soybean is equal to 15-19%; increase in yield of helianthus and coleseed is 15-21%. The content of oil in the seeds of these kinds of crop is increased. Vegetable crops, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, red beet, carrot, pepper, are very responsive to the application of "Humimax" in the technology of their cultivation, as a result, an additional increase in yield amounts to 12-34%, and in relation to potatoes the increase reaches 61%. Consumer qualities of vegetables are improved, too: the content of ascorbic acid is increased; the quality of nitrates and salt of heavy metal is decreased.
     The effectiveness of "Humimax" application is verified in China, Tanzania, India, Columbia, and other countries. Application of "Humimax" in the technology of cultivation of tomatoes, adapted to the conditions of Tanzania, ensured an additional 37% of yield, together with this, gustatory and qualitative characteristics of fruitage were improved. Research of "Humimax" in India shows that the yield of rice is increased by 18-62%, yield of soybean is increased by 24-57%, yield of kidney bean is increased by 60% and yield of tomatoes is increased by 40%.
     Application of "Humimax" in China as a part of a complex technology, in particular, seed treatment before sowing by means of steeping, plant-root fertilization by means of watering and plants treatment by means of fine spraying resulted in additional increase in the yield of cucumbers by 30%, in the yield of tomatoes by 20%, and in the yield of sweet pepper - up to 39%.
     An optimum relationship of price and quality of "Humimax" makes it possible to extend the area of its application in agriculture. The effectiveness of its usage is verified by a long-term research conducted by scientifically-research institutes and a practical application of the product as a part of technologies for cultivation of various agricultural crops by agricultural enterprises. Application of "Humimax" makes it possible to increase the yield of all agricultural crops and improve consumer qualities of the received production.  

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Humimax for vegetable, fruit, decorative crops and houseplants