Our company presents a modern product - peat-and-humic fertilizer "Humimax". The product is used in technologies of agricultural crop cultivation in order to increase the yield.
   Saturation of "Humimax" by humic acids, macro and microelements, amino acids, enzymes and other biologically active substances manifest itself in activation of growth and development of plants. Plant immunity to diseases and stress-inducing factors are increased.
   Application of "Humimax" in relation to wheat and corn results in increase of yield by 14-26%. In case of treatment of seeds and vegetative plants of hybridous rice the yield is increased up to 62%.
   The yield of berries is increased by 24-57% in case of application of the product as a part of cultivation technology.
The yield of raw cotton is increased by 10-12% in case of application of "Humimax" in cultivation technology.
   The yield of vegetable crop is increased by 18-43% due to "Humimax" application.
An optimal relationship of price, quality and effectiveness of "Humimax" makes it possible to increase the yield of all kinds of agricultural crop considerably and improve the quality of production at minimal additional expenses.