About the Product

       "Humimax" is a modern peat-humic preparation - a stimulator of growth and development of plants, an adaptogen, antidote and immunomodulator.
The active substances of the preparation is potassium humate, active forms of organic compounds (trace element organometallic complexes, enzymes from the group of auxins and cytokinins, low concentrations of macroelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and other biologically active substances.
      The preparation "Humimax" is produced in liquid form according to the exclusive low-temperature technology which results in retention of absolutely all biologically active substances. Due to this unique composition, Humimax produces a complex stimulating effect on plants raising yield of all agricultural crops.
      Humimax efficiency for various crops was studied in a number of research institutions of the Russian Federation.
It is proved convincingly that the preparation has a whole complex of positive qualities:
- increases field germination rate of seeds, accelerates primary growth and development of plants;
- promotes formation of more vigorous, ramified and deeply extending roots;
- intensifies the photosynthesis process, creates favourable conditions for formation of greater leaf area;
- has an antistress effect, improves resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental factors (lack of moisture, high and low temperatures, salinization, etc.);
- enhances assimilability of nutrient elements from soil and fertilizers;
- reduces negative impact of "chemical stress" on plants when herbicides are used;
- being an immunomodulator, improves resistance of plants to diseases;
- reduces amount of nitrates, radionuclides, salts of heavy metals, residues of pesticides in crop production;
- stabilizes and increases productivity of plants;
- enhances crops quality: provides increase in amount of protein, grain fibrin, sugars, vitamins in crop production.
      Humimax is adjusted to all existing cropping techniques, it is easy-to-use. Its applying does not demand additional expenses as it can be performed jointly with pesticides.